Imbolc Correspondences

(Candlemas * Brighid's Day * Festival of Light * Brigantia)

The time of celebrating the virgin & Maiden Goddess as she prepares for her union with the Sun God and to pay homage to the Mother Goddess for nurturing the young God as he continues to gain his strength
A time for purification & cleansing as we bid farewell to the Winter and welcome the coming warmth. We sweep away the dead season and light bonfires and candles to banish the darkness and welcome the light
This day marks the onset of Spring, the beginning of new life in the belly of the Earth
On this day we celebrate Brighid, Triple Goddess, Goddess of healing, poetry and The forge. Patron of smiths, healers and artisans
And so the Wheel turns

Gods Cernunnos, Eros, Herne, Osiris, Pan
Goddesses Aradia, Athena, Bast, Blaize, Brigid/Brighid, Ceres, Cerridwen, Demeter, Gaia, Hestia, Venus, Vesta
Colours Lavender, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow
Tools Besom, Bonfire, Brighid's Bed, Candles, Cauldron, Garden Tools, Priapic Wand Symbols Besom, Brighid's Cross, Candle, Corn Doll, Garden Tools, Lantern, Plough, Priapic Wand, White flowers Animals Burrowing animals, Ewes, Deer, Goats, Lambs
Herbs Angelica, Basil, Bay, Blackberry, Celandine, Chamomile, Coltsfoot, Rosemary
Feast Food Bread, Cakes, Dairy products, Seeds Feast Drink Blackberry tea, Chamomile tea, Milk, Spiced wine
Metals Brass, Gold, Iron
Incense & Oils Jasmine, Myrrh, Neroli Flowers Broom, Daffodils, Heather, Iris, Primrose, Snowdrop, Tansy Trees Evergreens, Willow
Gemstones Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet Onyx, Ruby, Turquoise
Altar Decorations Acorns, Brigid's Cross, Corn Doll, Daffodils, Lanterns, Sun symbols, White flowers
Rituals & Spells Awakening Rituals ~ Bride's Bed ~ Bonfires ~ Candle Magic ~ Cleansing Rituals (especially sweeping with the besom) ~ Fertility Magic ~ Consecration of agricultural tools ~ Healing Magic & preparation of remedies ~ Hearth & Home blessings ~ Home Fire (extinguish & relight) ~ Initiation Rituals ~ Place a besom at the front door to symbolise purification & cleansing ~ Plough Decorating

For Small Pagans & Wiccans
All activities obviously require adult supervision

Decorate a Candle with Spring leaves & flowers * Make a Priapic (acorn-tipped) wand * Prepare Bride's Bed * Use your Priapic Wand in the garden to awaken trees and plants from their Winter slumber * Weave a Cross of Brigid * Collect acorns, pinecones & one of the first Spring flower you see for your Altar * Write a poem about Spring, Brighid is Goddess of Poetry (& healing & the forge) * Pour some milk onto the earth as an offering to the earth Goddess and ask that the coming year brings you 'enough' * Make some paper snowflake garlands to decorate the home

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